Zadar tourist information attractions,
or things which are "must to" see, try, or visit

" Tourist information attractions " will tell you everything you have to know about amazing things in Zadar. Because in every city there are some attractions, things, monuments, events, food or something else that are "must to" see, visit and try. The same is with my town, too.

There are things or events that I must to talk about if I explain or introduce someone with my town. I usually said: you must see this, you must visit that, try this food in my favorite restaurant and so on.

So, if you visit Zadar, try not to miss things I listed below:

One of the most beautiful Sunset in the World
( according to A.Hitchcock )

It's best way, to look sunset from unique thing in the world Zadar's Sea organ

And what about nice macchiato or chapucino on the city main square, or in some nice coffee shop by the sea ?

Take a romantic walk along the sea promenade called Riva and Kalelarga,most famous street of Zadar

Visit fish market and city market, the main things in every mediterranean city.

Don't miss to visit and see churches and museums

Do you know what is "barkajol" ? Find out here

Try some traditional food.

That is exactly what I presented to my unusual guest from Australia

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