Enjoy the tastiest diet in the World

The healthiest and tastiest diet- that is well-known worldwide description of dalmatian cuisine.

It is essentially based on fish, seafood and mollusk dishes. As a side dish, boiled vegetables "na lešo" (cooked with nothing added) are usually served, and everything is seasoned with home made olive oil, which is of exceptional quality in our region.

Vegetables, olive oil, aromatic plants, oily fish...are the basics of it.

Zadar is surrounded with fertile valleys of the Ravni kotari region in the hinterland and with a group of sunny islands abundant in natural beauties and clean sea stretching in front of it. Mild Mediterranean climate is ideal for organic food production.

The best-known local delicacy is lamb, specially the one from the island of Pag. As an appetizer one should also try the well-known sheep's cheese of Pag and

Dalmatian smoked ham from Posedarje, which owes the secret of its wondrous flavor to the specific method of processing (air drying). Our region is an ideal gastro-location for those who enjoy good food, wine, scents and the atmosphere of Dalmatia. The secret is in the sheep, bora and herbs.

So, when you come to Zadar try some of this, or even better, follow the cooking recipe from my Traditional food page, and prepare something from dalmatian cuisine.

Bon appétit!

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