Zadar museums, a proof of cultural heritage

Museums in the city are really proof of cultural heritage of that city and it's surroundings.

In Zadar there are several "proofs":

Museum of Ancient glass,
Gallery of the Zadar National Museum Works of Art
Treasury of the Franciscan monastery
Archeological Museum
Museum of the City of Zadar - Ethnological section
Museum of the City of Zadar - natural science section
National museum Zadar
St. Donat's church
The City lodge
Marine Museum

I will try to introduce you with some of them.

First, the oldest one, and not just in Zadar, one of the oldest
in this part of Europe
the Archeological museum

And an amazing Permanent Exhibition of Sacral Art called " The Gold and Silver of Zadar"

And unique, youngest, and must to see Museum of Ancient glass

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