Museum of Ancient Glass,
the unique exhibits

The Museum of Ancient Glass is one of the city's newest attractions and rightfully so.

It's housed in the 19th century Cosmacendi Palace and has some outstanding views that overlook the Jazine harbour.

The museum contains one of the premium collections of Roman glassware outside Italy, with a cornucopia of goblets, jars and vials retrieved from archaeological sites across Dalmatia.

Highlights include the delicate vessels used by Roman ladies to store perfumes, skin creams and essential oils.

You can also see the main ingredients of the glass material, an oil lamp showing glassblowers from Asseria (copy) and the tools for glassmaking - several mould types, pipes for blowing glass, glass-making shears, pincers, old glass-making instructions.

On the second floor of the museum there is a workshop for producing souvenirs and a school of glassblowing.

Watch the video below and see how masters of glass-blowing are making a glass cup...

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