About me and how I decided to build a website

About me

So, let me tell you something about me.

My name is Leo, I'm 44, maried, three children, dog and a little turtle called "Little".

We all live in Zadar, and really like our town.

In the past, trying to find what is the best for me,I changed several jobs.

And, after I lost my last job,trying to survive, I turn my woodworking hobby into a real job, so, I started my own job as a carpenter.

But it became too difficult,costs were really big for that workload, and you have to invest constantly, so I had to give up, and start something else.

New idea

I always had the desire to have a small business which I can run from my home office or work in my small workshop in the basement.
The perfect enterprise I had in my mind had to have the following characteristics:

  • low start up cost
  • flexible work hours, so that I can concentrate on my family as well
  • if posible doesn't require special skills
  • it's something I'm enthusiastic about

I got an idea that is perfectly corresponded to those conditions:

  • close up big, rented workshop and open a small one in my basement
  • build a website to work online

First thing was easy, I did it fast,
but how to build a website,
because I knew almost nothing about building a website and how to make it being found by searchers who seek information about the topic of my website.
I was really newbie

I spend lots of time searching trough web, trying to find how and what to do. There were tons of sites which promise you quick success and easy money,I knew that it was a bunch of lies for naive people.


And,finally I found a site, which didn't promise quick success and easy money.

People from that site promise powerful tools, excellent guide and a specific C T P M process.

They ask for my BAM ( Brain Attitude Motivation ).

I said to my self: I think I got that, and purchase my Solo Build It site.

The rest of the story you can find at My Solo Build It site page

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