My choice of Zadar Restaurants

Zadar Restaurants - from international plates to traditional and specialized local cuisine, Dalmatian cuisine, the world famous "tastiest diet" ,which is consists of a healthy mix of fish, meat and vegetables with lashings of garlic and olive oil.
And all for reasonably price.

In Zadar you can find: pizza places, taverns,cafeterias,fast food, slow food, international restaurants and of course, traditional food restaurants .

And in most of them you will find a really good food, so it's hard to make a choice, and single out any.

But, of course, for who knows what reasons, (for example, you have a meal with your special person, or something like that), you start to like some place better.

So, the same is with me, and among all good places, I also have my favourites.

Traditional food restaurants - Konoba

In the past, konoba was a place where people kept wine, smoked meat ( panceta,pršut,šokol) and other food products.

That is why they meet each other or had a fešta (celebration) in their konoba, to be near wine and food.Some people had more than enough wine so they sell to others, and that's the begining of traditional restaurant.

During a time it become a real restaurant, but with simplicity of our traditional food.

And among all Konobas in Zadar my favourite is "Žvelti Blavor", in Bokanjac.

Lamb land - Dalmatia

Lamb is our favourite meat.There is no weding or other celebration without lamb roast on the spit (janjetina na ražnju).

And because the combination of salt winds, sunshine and strong herbs lends the meat a special flavour, especially from nearby islands Kornati, Vir and most famous from Pag.

So, don't miss to try.

You can do it in few restaurants specialized for lamb dishes.

My favourite is Tamaris.It's a little out of town but well worth it. Lamb from Pag Island is renowned throughout the region and in Tamaris, it's spit-roasted to perfection. You can actually taste the salty grass that fed the sheep.

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So, what is yours favorite Zadar restaurant ?

Maybe you disagree with my choice and have your own favorite, or you want to confirm my choice? So, tell the others. Share you favorite place with us!

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