Zadar history,
three thousand years long story


What to say about Zadar history. History of a three thousand years old town.You can write a hundreds of pages, or... can make a few notes, and let the visitors find out by themselves, either visiting museums or visiting history page on wikipedia ceraria

The first university of Zadar was mentioned in writing as early as in 1396 and it was a part of a Dominican monastery. It closed in 1807.


Zadar was, along with Split and Dubrovnik, one of the centres of the development of Croatian literature.

The 15th and 16th centuries were marked by important activities of Croatians writing in the national language: Jerolim Vidolić, Petar Zoranić (who wrote the first Croatian novel, Planine), Brne Karnarutić, Juraj Baraković, Šime Budinić.

Under French rule (1806–1810), the first Dalmatian newspaper Kraglski Dalmatin - Il Regio Dalmata was published in Zadar. It was printed in Italian and Croatian; this last used for the first time in a newspaper.

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Zadar doesn't hide it's age.It is visible in every step through old town.But it is a really young town.How is that ?

Because of it's inhabitants,the people.

The young people full of joy, or the older ones who are all looking younger,well I think because of Zadar's influence

pet bunara

And according to monuments and historical artifacts it seems that was always like that.Even ancient inhabitants in Zadar liked to look younger and nice.See these photo from Museum of ancient glass.It shows cosmetical kit from 1st century, 2000 years ago.

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