Zadar city market ( pijaca )

Zadar city market is one of the biggest and best in Dalmatia,where the city market ( pijaca) and fish market ( peskarija ) are the main things.

It's been here since the Middle Ages, but the large open space dates back to World War II, when many buildings were flattened in this part of town.Some around the edge of are only just being reconstructed.

Outside, on the square,you'll find a rich offer of fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs and more... all locally grown and bursting with flavour.

Friendly local selling ladies also sell home made olive oil,brandy (rakija),dried figs,honey,almond , cheese and lots of other domestic product– usually far better than the shop-bought equivalent.

In the buildings around the square ,you'll find some of small meat stores with great offer of realy fresh meat.

To one side is a section of the market for cheap clothes and other cheap things, great if you need an emergency pair of flip-flops or a cheap snorkel.

You can spend hours of fun browsing and bargaining.Just like me on the photo below And the best thing is our fish market ,unique, and coolly located inside the city walls.We all in Zadar think and claim it's the best fish market (peškarija) on the coast. You can enter from the inside, from square, or from out side of city wall, from coast.

Only street is between peskarija and the fisherman's boats, from wich they unload the fish.Very often you can buy fish directly from the fisherman, cheaper than inside:bag of fresh sardines outside for 10kn.

Open hours: 06:00-13:00

Prices per kilo, vary according to season and availability: Apples 5-10kn,Bananas 6-7knm, Oranges 8-10kn, Dried figs 30-52kn, New potatoes 10kn, Tomatoes 10-15kn, Peppers 15kn, Sardines 10kn / bag, Tuna 50kn, Mussels 12kn, Squid 60-100kn, Prawns 60-100kn ...

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