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Zadar Dental Tourism, why not?

Save up to 70% on your dental treatments, and even after adding cost of travel and accommodations,you could still save thousands of dollars, and have a vacation at the same time. Your savings should pay for your trip! Plus, you could save a lot more.

Just fill out medical questionnare and get the offer for dental work you are planning to do.

People have traveled for tooth care for decades. So many Americans go to Mexico that literally thousands of dentists are located all along the Mexican side of the US border. In Europe, busloads of Swiss go to Hungary. Germans go to the Czech Republic. Austrians go to Hungary.People from the UK go just about anywhere else in Europe for lower prices.

How can Zadar Dental Tourism benefit you?

It's called Dental Tourism because once you have that first visit at the dentist, you have 4 or 5 days of vacation before you go back for fittings.

Many procedures like cleaning, fillings, extractions and even root canals take just a short time If you want a crown or veneer, you have a short visit to the dentist then return a few days later for the fittings.

If you want an implant, you have a visit to the dentist then return a few months later for the crowns.

Some people extend their vacation even longer. Others go back home as soon as their dental work is finished.

That's why, if dental work only takes a few hours here and there, it can make a lot of sense to take a few days to travel and save thousands of dollars.

Why consider Zadar for dental treatment?

Health bills are the largest factor of bankruptcy of US citizens. People in Canada, the USA and UK and other countries are paying very high dental bills, and may have no insurance to take care of their teeth. You'll pay even more, and may have to wait in pain for an appointment, if you need a specialist for a root canal or dental implant.

So, don't let the dental bills take you to bankruptcy, fill out medical questionnare and get the offer for dental work you are planning to do.

Dental Tourism is about people choosing to receive excellent dental work abroad.And, with Zadar Dental Tourism, you will receive the same quality of care you receive at home!

Depending on where you live and where you are traveling to, you can pay $1,500 US dollars instead of $5,000 for a dental implant. Or pay $60 for tooth-coloured fillings instead of more than $200 each. Receive free X-rays instead of paying $50 each!

We cooperate with the top Zadar dentists, I have personally checked and assured in their abilities and equipment, meet them and their team and inspect their facilities.

Furthermore,in Croatia, dentists study for many years to train and qualify, keeping up to date with the latest approaches in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics. The surgeries in Croatia which specialise in medical tourism, have modern high tech dental equipment and English speaking staff.

More and more people are travelling to Croatia for dental treatment, the BBC website even has an article about the subject, originally written at the end of 2006.

So, fill out medical questionnare and get the offer for dental work you are planning to do.Zadar Dental Tourism and I look forward to welcoming you.

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