Dalmatina, connection to prosperity

Dalmatina is the name of the Croatian latest highway which conect Dalmatia, our region, with Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and with the rest of the world. It brings prosperity to our region, and will also bring you to Zadar, if you decide to come with car or bus.here are some useful information for you:For entry and driving through Croatia you need a insurance green card and valid driving license. During summer months traffic at the border entrances is more densely, what can cause short hold ups. Toll is charged on the highways and bridges.

Gas stations are opened from 7 - 20 h (in the summer till 22 h), some of the work non-stop (0 - 24).Unleaded fuel is present at all gas stations and it is marked with green label. Road informations you can regurarly hear on the Croatian Radio translated in several laguages.

Traffic rules: In Croatia cars drive on the right side. If the traffic signs don't say otherwise, speed limits are 130 km/h on highways and semi-highways, 100 km/h on roads with two lanes, 50 km/h in populated place i 80 km/h outside populated areas. Road fines depend on severity of violation. Allowed alchocol limit in blood is 0,5 ppm.Rent-a-car: Driver has to be over 23 and posses driving license. Many international rent-a-car agencies have their own offices in major Croatian cities.

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